safeguarding concerns IN RSE LESSONS


There are a number of resources in available to schools that promote ideologies that raise safeguarding concerns for UK children.

Themes such as early sexualisation of children, normalisation of sexual activity with others for young children, and aggressive promotion of LGBT+ ideologies.1

All these resources appear innocent and affirming on first glance, but can include content that may not be in children’s best interests.

Scrutiny is needed to differentiate between the excellent resources available, and those that are using RSE lessons to push political agendas on children.

Blacklisted resources

Protect Children: Make RSE Transparent and Accountable





All About Me

The All About Me resources were recently being used in Warwickshire schools, but have now been withdrawn by Warwickshire County Council. 

All About Me: Lesson plan for year 2 children (6-7 year olds)

“Children will consider their own rules for how they like to be touched by others and the rules of when it is appropriate to touch themselves, including self-stimulation.”

Respect Yourself

The Respect Yourself resources were also being used by schools in Warwickshire. The county council has withdrawn them from use. 

Educate and Celebrate

Educate and Celebrate is open about its aims to “smash heteronormativity”, despite research showing that a child living with their biological parents has the best outcomes in life.

They appear to see RSE lessons as an opportunity to push their political agenda on children. And this video shows just how easy it is to impose those values on impressionable children.

Trans Inclusion Toolkit

The Trans Inclusion Toolkit has been withdrawn by councils in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Doncaster, Leicester City and Shropshire, after a court case in Oxfordshire highlighted safeguarding concerns. 

Allsorts: Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit

The Allsorts Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit was being used in Kent schools and has recently been withdrawn from schools by Kent County Council, pending investigation into the legality of the guidance.