Protecting Children

About RSE - Get It Right!

On behalf of parents, teachers and experts around the UK, RSE – Get It Right! encourages schools to return to the common-sense, timeless model for relationships teaching that has been the foundation of our prosperous Western culture for centuries.

RSE – Get It Right! represents the gold-standard in relationships wisdom, protecting children from early sexualisation and exploitation.

RSE – Get It Right! encourages teaching that keeps children safe and helps them develop values and character, build inner resilience and form strong relational boundaries – all the things necessary for building healthy, loving and satisfying long-term relationships and for navigating the constant demands of modern life.

About RSE Get It Right!

Facing facts

Children are facing the greatest struggle of modern times; childhood innocence is being swept aside by unfettered access to unlimited digital media and a culture of anything goes.

Will the new RSE Guidelines safeguard children?

Children will be safeguarded when we get our relationships and sex education right. RSE – Get It Right! sets the backdrop for the best in RSE together with the resources selected from RSE Authentic

New RSE guidelines coming into effect in September 2020 could, if unregulated and informed by fake news, encourage increased sexualisation of children and false truths about gender, from the beginning of their schooling.

Visit the Values page to see the core principles that RSE – Get It Right! promotes.

The Team

RSE – Get It Right! was developed by the team at The Values Foundation, a UK-based organisation formed in 2018 to promote the views of faith and traditional family groups in the educational sector.